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Eat Yourself Young course - a nutrition approach to turning back the clock

  • Are you worried about the signs of ageing?
  • Do you want to stay looking and feeling youthful for as long as possible?
  • Are you confused about what foods you should be eating or avoiding to stay young and healthy?
  • Do you want to avoid spending a fortune on anti-ageing creams and cosmetic surgery?

If the answer is yes to any of these then our Eat Yourself Young course is for you. Our Eat Yourself Young course is taught on a one-to-one basis and will teach you the key principles to holding back the years through food to keep you looking and feeling young. You'll also learn about some of the best anti-ageing supplements, skincare for youthful skin, and how your lifestyle can affect the rate at which you age.

What does the Eat Yourself Young course involve?

  • A three month supported course which includes one face-to-face consultation with your nutritional therapist, three phone consultations, email support, supporting handouts and instructions
  • Detailed information on what to eat and what to avoid to keep you looking and feeling young
  • A short detox to cleanse your body of toxins and boost your vitality
  • An analysis of your stress levels and advice on stress management
  • Advice on natural skincare and anti-ageing supplements
  • Support and motivation from your nutritional therapist throughout the course
  • Monitoring and measurement of progress


What are the potential benefits?
As a result of completing the Eat Yourself Young course you may experience the following:

  • Greater vitality and energy
  • Look and feel better
  • Improved skin and hair quality
  • Lowered risk of illness
  • Better immunity
  • Weight loss

How much does it cost?
The Eat Yourself Young course offers a wealth of nutrition knowledge which you can apply for life. See our prices page for more info.

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