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Kim originally came to us for a nutrition consultation. Having sorted out her health, it became clear that a lot of Kim’s stress related health problems were coming from her job. She was hating it – a combination of long hours, often imposed at short notice, terrible work/life boundaries (she was often expected to work at week-ends) and working in something that Kim felt didn’t mean anything – was making her life a misery.

Kim really worked hard at all the written and visual exercises. It turned out that it wasn’t so much the type of work that was the problem but the environment and ethics of the company that were all wrong. She got a job at a super ethical company and she is now thriving. She looks back on the old company with a sense of disbelief that she put up with it so long.

Frances is a very talented tango dancer, which she did in her spare time. She worked in an art gallery – more or less because she was trying not to let her parents down – she knew this wasn’t for her but couldn’t see a way out of it. After the Life Coaching course, she decided to leave the gallery, and form a tango group. She took the group on tour, finally settling in Italy where she learnt the language fluently. After four years she was back with us for us to take her on the next part of the journey!

Nichola was working in a career that everyone else envied. After a massive amount of graft and hard work, Nichola was working as an architect in a prestigious city practice. The only snag was she was hating it so much, she often felt moved to hand in her notice on a whim with no plan of what she would do next. She had fallen into being an architect because she was clever and bright and this seemed like a job she could do well in. She wanted her parents to be proud of her. They had never had the educational opportunities she had had – she felt guilty but her heart was not in it.

Nichola loved doing the work involved on the Life Coaching course. And through doing the work, she one day had a bolt of lightening realisation that she wanted to be Food Stylist. With a little planning she is undertaking a cookery course at a well-known school (she already knew she loved to cook) and now knows what she has to do to get onto a subsequent course to learn her new trade. We also found some people she could talk to in order to get the inside scoop on the industry. Although it is hard and the end goal is far off at the moment, she knows that by taking the action and working every day step by step she will get there. She is saving up as much money as she can in her “day job” to pay for her training which starts in September. You know what? The architect job is really do-able in the short term, now she knows where she is going.

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