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Career change

Our Life Map course is a powerful way to reinvigorate your career – or indeed to reinvent it. If you have ever had that Monday morning feeling about your job – it is probably time to start to assess your options.  Are you sitting in the wrong job, and just putting up with it despite a nagging feeling that you could do better?

The Nutrition Coach’s Life Map course specialises in career change. Why not just re-invent yourself? At The Nutrition Coach, we never believe you should just put up with your situation and accept second best.

We use techniques that help you identify your values and goals and then work towards a plan of helping you achieve it.

Career change

Through a series of written and visualisation exercises we get to the heart of what motivates and inspires you and then we gently encourage you to act on any insights to instigate change. Change is very rarely a massive and intimidating explosion of different options. Mostly change is organic and happens over a period of time - we help you to achieve:

  • Visualisation
  • Inspiration
  • Focus
  • Action

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