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Detox Course case studies

When Carol first came to see us she complained of feeling sluggish and lethargic, as if everything ‘weighed her down and zapped her energy’. In addition, whilst she had always been prone to headaches they had now become a daily occurrence. We assessed Carol for the detox diet programme and it was suitable for her. During the first part of the detox she eliminated sugar, caffeine and wheat and introduced more nourishing wholefoods. She experienced a small breakout and fatigue for the first three days, but her energy levels soon improved. She experienced further improvements as the detox diet progressed and she cut out alcohol and dairy products and introduced fresh vegetable juices and a breakfast detox drink. By the end of the four weeks her headaches had gone and her enthusiasm had returned. The elimination and monitoring of dairy had shown us that this was the contributing to Carol’s headaches. She now continues to avoid dairy and has incorporated many aspects of the detox programme into her daily routine.

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