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Fertility case studies

Clare and Simon
Clare and Simon had been together for a number of years. With the combination of two full careers and several house moves they had decided to put the idea of having a baby on hold. Clare had a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the doctors were doubtful about her chances of conceiving. She had therefore decided to give The Nutrition Coach fertility diet programme a go for six months and then she would opt for IVF treatment. She was 39 and felt she was ‘getting on a bit’. Simon was extremely supportive and was very committed to his part; giving up cigarettes and even his pints with the boys on a Friday night. Clare became highly organised, taking her supplements and ensuring there was always a ready supply of fresh food in and very soon new eating habits took hold. Just before their appointment at the IVF clinic, Clare found out that she was pregnant. Their little son Ben was born with a full head of wonderful hair and now, three years later is a happy, healthy, active little boy.

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