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Gluten intolerance case studies

George is a finance director and works in the City. When George came to us he was looking for a new job but his bloating and wind had become really uncomfortable and was affecting his quality of life. He was also suffering a sharp pain in his left hand side. He had consulted his GP with no luck apart from being told he had a parasite called Helicobacter Pylori, which he had been prescribed antibiotics for.

At our first consultation we decided to conduct two tests; one for food intolerance and the other to see what was going on in his gut. We provided him with a pack on how to vary his eating and waited for his results to be returned from the lab. George was often on the email to us wondering how we could weave this new way of eating into his life so we provided coaching and tips to help him adapt.

The results of the tests were interesting - firstly, George had a gluten, egg and dairy intolerance. Secondly, his gut test showed that he had a bacterial infection and multiple parasites. We encouraged him to eliminate all the problem foods whilst carefully making sure that these foods were replaced with others. We gave him a parasite cleanse whilst giving him some supplements to improve his immune system (he'd been suffering from lots of colds).

We always say that it can take some time to get rid of parasites but nine months later, George is free of bloating and pain, his parasites have gone and he is actively looking for a job.

Graham had been back and forth to his GP with digestive issues which ranged from bloating to cramps. He was also feeling really tired and his hair was falling out. He was told he was suffering from IBS and stress. He wasn’t sure what to do about it so booked in to see The Nutrition Coach.

When we looked at Graham’s symptoms, we suspected that he might be gluten intolerant and that he could possibly be suffering from coeliac disease as he had a few family members who were coeliacs. We asked Graham to do a test for coeliac disease and sure enough the results came back positive. Although Graham was worried about how he was going to cope with no gluten in his diet, he was relieved that he finally knew why he was feeling so awful.

We put Graham on a gluten free diet - we advised him on what foods he should avoid and recommended lots of foods he could still happily eat. We also gave Graham some supplements aimed at restoring his gut health - if you have coeliac disease, eating gluten can cause damage to the gut lining.

Graham is now happily free of his symptoms. He is really enjoying his new diet and with our help, he has found lots of healthy gluten free products he can safely eat which even includes cake, bread and biscuits!

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