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Endometriosis case study

Angela came to see us after being diagnosed with endometriosis. She suffered with four days of intense pain during her period and had to rely on high strength painkillers just to get out of bed. She had discussed treatment options with her doctor, but was keen to try a natural approach first. We discussed the role that diet plays in balancing hormones and why Angela’s diet needed to focus on foods that would help the body to eliminate excess oestrogens and reduce oestrogen production and storage. Angela carefully followed a hormone-balancing diet and supplement plan for three months, as well as introducing some life-style changes. By the third month she was completely off the painkillers, her periods were lighter and she felt able to continue her normal activities during her cycle.

The Nutrition Coach

Fibroids case study

Beth came to see us after being diagnosed with fibroids, which were revealed only after she experienced difficulties conceiving. Whilst her periods had always been on the heavy side, she had never considered it to be worth investigating. After a year and a half of trying to conceive however she sought the advice of her doctor who carried out an ultrasound examination and diagnosed small uterine fibroids. We discussed the importance of Beth following a hormone balancing diet and the need to control her exposure to excess oestrogens which can encourage fibroids to grow. We increased phytoestrogens in her diet and worked on supporting her liver to effectively process her hormones. A blood test also revealed that she had low iron levels, which we corrected through iron rich foods and a nutrition supplement. Within a couple of months Beth’s periods were lighter and after five months of carefully following our diet programme Beth informed us that she was pregnant.

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