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Guest Performance Coach Ian Dickson

As a performance coach and public speaker Ian has coached and mentored 100’s of businesses throughout the UK. In the last five years he has delivered over 100 Professional Business Seminars and Motivational Speeches.

As an experienced performance coach and speaker with an extensive and colourful career path taking him from Brixton Police Officer to Corporate Director, you are guaranteed exciting and relevant content drawn from my knowledge, experience and background.

As a multi award winning performance coach Ian can help you to redefine your dreams and visions; these are then supported by implementing the necessary plans, strategies, and tactics that will empower you and help you to achieve your goals or ambitions.

What is a Performance Coach?

Effective performance coaching will train you to set and achieve both your business and personal goals by developing easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plans.

Knowledge + Mindset + Action = Performance

It’s not just for business – These skills are about you, we are a mirror of everything we do and think.

Two of Ian’s mantra’s “Work harder on yourself than you do your job. Never wish your life was easier wish that you were better” His passion and positive approach for his work is infectious.

Kate Cook

He says that being in a position to help others and sharing information that will help them to become better at what they do is a genuine privilege.

Ian’s coaching will help you with:

  • PMA � Positive Mental Attitude � Having the right mindset to achieve your goals
  • Knowledge and understanding � Giving you all the information you need to succeed.
  • Skills for Leadership, confidence, decision making, successful delegation, great goal setting.
  • Set goals, stay focused and remain on target
  • Managing your time more effectively
  • Reduce your stress levels and improve your quality of life

Ian is currently working on two books, Hugs and Kisses – The secret behind setting Huge Unbelievable Goals and achieving them. The second is Mind your own Business – The power and impact that having the right mindset can have on your life and your business.


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