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Immunity and nutrition case studies

When Miriam came to see The Nutrition Coach for the first time she was getting really fed up with the constant colds and infections she kept catching. She hated going on public transport as she felt that if someone so much as sneezed in her direction, she would catch yet another cold.

There are a number of different aspects to a healthy immune system, and much depends on a ready supply of many necessary nutrients. Stress also affects our immunity - excessive stress hormone production can put a dampener on the body's ability to fight off invading viruses and bacteria.

In Miriam's case there was work to be done in both areas. We used a laboratory test to assess her stress hormone levels and the results showed that some help was needed to normalise her stress hormone production. A course of targeted supplements can be very helpful in helping the body to recover from the effects of long-term stress.

While waiting for the test results, we asked Miriam to increase her intake of raw vegetables, as they are a potent source of many immune boosting nutrients. We also increased her intake of natural yoghurt and reduced the amount of sugar in her diet to help boost beneficial bacteria in her gut. The 'friendly bacteria' are one of our first lines of defenses against external invaders and need constant feeding and topping up.

Gradually with the dietary changes and the supplements, Miriam began to see a difference in her immune system. She was soon catching less and less colds and when she did succumb to an infection, it took a lot less time to clear. She now no longer worries about going on the tube and buses, as her immune system is strong enough to fight off bugs.

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