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Immunity and nutrition

A lack of nutrients, excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol, too little sleep, and prolonged stress can all impair the immune system. Good nutrition is vital to keep your immune system fighting fit, and to help prevent the following:

  • Colds and flu
  • Viruses and infections
  • Hay fever and asthma

Most of us succumb to the odd cold and bout of flu during the cold winter months, however if you find you regularly catch colds, flu and viruses, or suffer from hay fever or asthma, your diet and lifestyle could be affecting your immunity.


Immunity and diet

To function optimally, the immune system requires many vitamins and minerals, adequate sleep, relaxation and regular exercise (excessive exercise can have the opposite effect). If you tend to catch every cold going or suffer from hay fever and asthma, The Nutrition Coach immune boosting diet could help put an end to your symptoms.

We will teach you the best foods to eat to help boost your immune system, and which foods and drinks should be avoided. We will also assess all your body systems to see if there is something other than your diet causing immune problems, such as poor digestive or adrenal function.

We recognise that everyone is biochemically different so we will design a tailored programme to address your specific symptoms. This may include a personalised supplement plan aimed at improving your immunity.

Through working with The Nutrition Coach to boost your immune system, you could experience:

  • Less colds and infections
  • Reduced hay fever and asthma symptoms
  • Less reliance on medication such as antibiotics

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