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Lack of energy and nutrition

Are you completely happy about the amount of energy you have to live your every day life? Do you have enough for both work and play? Or do you find that after your day at the office your energy quota is all used up, and there is not enough energy left for hobbies, spending time with the family and socialising?

Modern diet and stress are some of the biggest drains on our energy. You may not be getting enough of the important B vitamins required for efficient energy production, or excess stress could be depleting your magnesium reserves, which are needed for releasing energy.

Lack of energy is also one of the biggest reasons why many of the clients who come to our clinics find it difficult to lose weight. One reason is simply that the lack of energy will make it harder to do the exercise required to burn the extra calories.

Lack of Energy


More importantly, many clients with lack of energy suffer from adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands secrete many important hormones and control major physiological processes in the body and help us to cope with stress. The adrenals affect how you are able to utilise food for energy, and how and where in the body energy is stored as fat. Stress related weight gain tends to be around the stomach and waist area. Adrenal hormones also play an important part in cardiovascular and digestive health and can affect your hormonal balance.

If you are suffering from lack of energy, this could be because you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. A simple laboratory test measuring your adrenal hormone levels from saliva samples can help establish if your adrenals are affected. We can then put together a diet and supplement programme for you that could help you not only increase your energy levels, but also achieve many of your other health goals.

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