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“Kate has been coaching me now for a number
of months on setting up my own business. When I first saw Kate my plan was to try to attract a very broad range of customers which would have meant a lot of hard work but no guarantee of success. However by using a series of different coaching techniques Kate has helped me identify what my personal goals and business goals are and what my target market should be. This has meant that my efforts in setting up my business have been very focused on particular areas. Kate has also passed on her experience to help me identify the tasks that need to be done to set up my new business and ensure it is as successful as possible in the future.”

Sean Briscomb


“I came across Kate while surfing the web on the 1st January, feeling fat and frumpy after the excesses of Christmas looking for weight loss inspiration.

When I discovered that she was a life coach as well as a nutritionist, I quickly decided that developing a career plan was probably a bit more important than losing a few pounds. So after one quick phone call with Kate enquiring about weight loss programmes I had, on impulse, signed up for 12 sessions of life coaching. It is definitely the best decision I have made in a long time and proved to be an excellent way to start the year.

I have been working for a very large organisation for about 13 years and have fallen into very specialised role without really planning it. Although the salary and benefits are quite good and the job comfortable I have been very uninspired for a long time - a fur lined rut as Kate called it. With restructuring and redundancy on the horizon, I was finding it hard to identify what I wanted to do next. The life coaching with Kate has been brilliant and for the first time ever I feel like I have a plan and know where I am heading. The coaching process drew out my values and identified what I enjoy and want from my work and life. I haven't come out with a complete change in direction but that is because it isn't appropriate for me rather than any limitations of the coaching - anything was possible and we considered all the options. I have decided to work towards a couple of professional qualifications and managed to obtain the support of my line manager to do them. I also have plans to possibly do a masters degree next year.

I can honestly say that if I hadn't done the life coaching this year at work would have been very difficult with redundancy likely and no real plans. Instead I feel like I have real focus, have taken control of the situation and will be able to make the most of any opportunities the restructuring at work may bring.

On top of getting results, Kate is genuine, warm and caring and really interested in the progress you make.”

Rachel, London

"Working with Kate has been one of the most beneficial things I have done in my life. It has helped me grow, transform and find myself again. Kate's practical and encouraging approach is so supportive and useful - I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Cassie Everett, London


“When I look back at my time that I spent with Kate I am amazed and surprised at how much we have achieved. I first walked in that door, sceptical, unmotivated, struggling to understand not only what life was about but what I was about. No wonder I was finding life hard, confusing and no idea what to do. In the past six months that I have been seeing Kate, I have found out more about myself then I ever thought possible. Kate helped me deal with decisions about my career, personal life and health. I really enjoyed our sessions and looked forward to them. You do have to spend time outside your sessions doing homework but it is like anything, the more you put in the more you will get out of it plus they are quite fun! Now I am so excited about the next step in my life and am not dreading or confused about what decisions to make. There is so much light at the end of the tunnel now and I just can’t wait to get there. ”

Nichola Brown, former architect, now training
to be a cook


“I'm now fully qualified as health and performance coach. I've been practising in a sports centre for the past 4 months. However I'm planning on setting up my own company as I'm ready for it. I've really changed my outlook on life and can see possibilities everywhere. It is thanks to you as you pushed my ignition button in 2004 (so long ago!).”

Sylvie Coussot, London


"I first went to Kate as a nutritionist; I really liked her energy and pragmatic approach and saw excellent results from her suggestions on food, so when I heard that she did life coaching I decided to give it a go. Although my life was good in many ways, I had a sense that certain areas and patterns were holding me back from having a great life. Kate helped me to identify these and to work on them by reframing my attitudes and beliefs and taking appropriate action. I have created a routine that supports me to get things done and look after myself – and unlike what I've tried in the past I actually stick to it. My well being, my state of mind at home and the health of my finances have improved dramatically. "

L. Taylor, London

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