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Fertility and nutrition case studies

James came to see us to improve his fertility after he and his wife Liz decided they wanted to start a family. They had been trying to conceive for the last twelve months, but without success. James had heard that diet and lifestyle changes could help improve male fertility and was keen to start The Nutrition Coach fertility diet. His partner Liz also came for a consultation and undertook a dietary programme. We asked James to carry out a hair mineral analysis, which identified that he was deficient in zinc and chromium, both of which are vital for male fertility. We put together a diet and supplement programme to correct his deficiencies and a hair test three month later showed that he was no longer deficient and his overall nutrient status has significantly improved. During this time we also looked at James lifestyle and identified a major occupational hazard. As a farmer, James was handling agricultural chemicals on a daily basis, and this could have been affecting his fertility. We put him on a gentle detox diet and he managed to change some of his work duties with a colleague to limit his exposure to the chemicals. Six months later, James announced that Liz was pregnant. They now have a healthy little baby girl, Lilly, and James has decided to change to organic farming.

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