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Male fertility and nutrition

Male fertility problems
Male fertility problems are becoming increasingly common, with more and more men now seeking help to improve their fertility. If you are experiencing fertility problems, either with or without knowing the cause, The Nutrition Coach fertility diet is here to help show you how diet and nutrition could increase your fertility.

Over the past 50 years men's overall quality and density of sperm has dramatically decreased. Today around 90% of male fertility problems are the result of a low sperm count. This decline in sperm quality is largely due to environmental factors including: an increase in pollution and exposure to oestrogenic chemicals (chemicals that mimic the female hormone oestrogen); unhealthy lifestyles; stress and poor nutrition. Smoking, for example, reduces sperm concentration and alcohol causes a significant deterioration of sperm quality.

At The Nutrition Coach we work with a pre-conceptual care charity. Foresight, which has over thirty years of experience in increasing both male and female fertility. Our fertility diet with the Foresight programme can produce fantastic results. So if you want to increase your fertility and improve the chance of you and your partner conceiving, The Nutrition Coach can show you how.

Fertility diet
At The Nutrition Coach we offer a step-by-step guide on how to increase your fertility and give a clear action plan of nutritional support. We work on identifying and eliminating health problems that may be causing fertility problems. Our fertility programme will look at many aspects of your diet and lifestyle including nutrition, mineral and toxic metal analysis, identifying allergies and environmental hazards, and stress reduction. We will coach you through which foods help improve fertility and provide on-going support throughout the transition. By following The Nutrition Coach fertility diet you could improve your fertility and give you and your partner the best possible chance of conceiving.

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