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Menopause case studies

When Rachel first came to see us, she was experiencing every menopause symptom possible including hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue and mood swings. This was understandably causing her huge distress and was affecting her relationship with her husband and children.

Rachel was no stranger to hormone problems - she had suffered from heavy and painful periods for years but never really understood why. A friend suggested she consult a nutritional therapist, and although Rachel believed that diet had no influence on her symptoms she decided to give it a try as she was at her wits end and really didn’t want to resort to HRT.

At Rachel’s first consultation, we worked on getting her blood sugar levels balanced as this is crucial for good female hormone balance and stabilising energy levels. Key to this was curbing Rachel’s long-term excessive coffee and sugar habit which was leaving her exhausted and nutritionally depleted. We also worked on her liver health which included reducing alcohol intake - Rachel liked a few glasses each evening to help her relax and get to sleep. Some natural sleeping aids helped Rachel to drop off without the need for lots of wine.

Once we had explained to Rachel why her diet could be making her symptoms worse, she made the dietary changes very quickly - anything to get rid of the menopause symptoms. Subsequent sessions involved improving digestive health and boosting essential fatty acid intake. Dietary changes were accompanied by a simple supplement plan which included herbs known to have a positive effect on menopause symptoms.

The first symptoms to improve were Rachel’s energy levels and mood swings which noticeably changed within just a few weeks of correcting her blood sugar balance. With time, the hot flushes and night sweats became much more bearable and she soon felt like a different person. Rachel no longer viewed the menopause as a problem but with renewed energy and free of symptoms, she was able to embrace it.

Anne was a successful career woman but when she hit the menopause she felt that her symptoms were beginning to take over her life and affect her career. She suffered from hot flushes, irritability, anxiety, low energy and bloating.

When Anne came to see us we soon established that her stress levels were sky high and had been for some time. We ran an adrenal stress index test and discovered that she was suffering from ‘adrenal fatigue’. It was very important to address this as poor adrenal function can lead to low energy levels and mood problems. The adrenal glands also produce oestrogen during the menopause so it’s vital that the adrenals are healthy to enable them to do this efficiently.

We explained to Anne how she could improve her adrenal function, energy levels and her female hormone balance through diet. Over a number of sessions we worked on dietary changes and we also introduced some supplements to support Anne’s adrenals plus some herbs aimed at reducing the menopause symptoms. Stress management was also discussed to tackle Anne’s response to stress.

After a few months, Anne began to return to her normal energetic and enthusiastic self. We re-tested her adrenals and she had made a good recovery. Anne managed to get through the menopause with very few problems and is now once again enjoying her life to the full.

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