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Cholesterol case studies

Richard was referred to us by his GP who was keen for him to change his lifestyle and diet, rather than get into a drug regime straight away. On a regular company health check Richard had found that he had high cholesterol and high blood pressure - he had recently changed roles and was under a lot of stress.

First we got him to change his diet - porridge in the morning can help reduce cholesterol and we got him eating much better across the day too so that his energy was better all round.

We tested his adrenal glands (where stress hormones come from) and gave him a test for homocysteine (this is a recognised marker for degenerative disease). These tests revealed that we needed to get to work on lowering the stress. We put him on some supplements: one specifically to lower cholesterol, some to support the stress, and also some supplements to lower homocysteine. We introduced some meditation techniques, looked into why he was stressed in the first place (time management) and made some improvements. Five minutes stretching in the morning made all the difference to a dynamic and energy packed day. Six months on and Richard's cholesterol and blood pressure are back within the doctor's reference ranges for all their tests.

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