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Greg is from New Zealand and couldn’t understand how he had managed to put on so much weight since he arrived. He attributed it to massive bloating (his words) and to the so called 'Heathrow Injection', the term Antipodeans use to explain the huge weight gain they often experience when they arrive in this country. With a busy new job, new girlfriend and all the beer – his waistline had got out of control. He signed up for the Dump the Diet Course to get back in control and to have the facility of a meeting every two weeks to monitor progress. It turned out that time management was an issue and never having enough time to get the shopping done. Once we sorted out some structure and once he knew the rules, he easily got back into shape and even felt inspired to get back on his racing bike.

Sue was a typical “dieter mentality” person. She was always on a diet – picking through a tiny salad of lettuce leaves and then going bananas by tea time and raiding the cake tin. Then she would mentally bash herself up for a few weeks, diving into every crisp packet only to GET A GRIP a few weeks later and start the dieting cycle again. She weighed herself obsessively sometimes twice a day and she was slowly driving herself nuts in the process. Sue didn’t want to be ruled by food all the time and have her head filled by shoulds and shouldn’ts, she didn’t want to go on another fad diet – she just wanted to be NORMAL. The course taught her just to relax about food. She now knows what the boundaries of a healthy diet are, how to do it, and what to do when it all goes wrong. You know what? She doesn’t even think about her weight anymore now.

Helen came to us a few years after she had her last baby - she never had managed to lose the “baby fat” as she put it. Being a busy mum, the course was very practical – it fitted in around her lifestyle. At first she wanted to give up as she wasn’t getting the fast results she was used to with a slimming diet (diets only last as long as you are on them!). We taught her that a new regime was more likely to be long term if it fits in with your life – you can do anything for a short amount of time but not long term. She liked the support aspect too. Slowly we also improved her self esteem, which was rock bottom. Now six months later Helen has reclaimed her old jeans and hasn’t looked back.

Josephine does something very impressive for the government, and as she was posted in a far off country, we did all the sessions by phone. Eating out for nearly every meal had taken a toll on Josephine’s weight. We taught her how to eat out healthily and changed her approach to food for life. Food had always been a bit of an enemy up to the point of when she took the course, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Josephine was so impressed that she recommended four of her girlfriends to go on the Dump the Diet course!

Sophie came to see us in August last year. During our preliminary chat, Sophie divulged that her mother had taken her to a slimming club when she was seven years old and since then she had always been obsessed with her weight. She wanted to know about our eating plan and calories. Sophie wanted a weigh-in every week and to keep a strict food diary. She wanted us to provide diet sheets with all the food choices and most of all she wanted us to be very firm with her. We gently pointed out that if we did all this we would be putting her on a diet and in the long-term diets don’t work. We would in effect be giving her the fish and not the fishing rod. We pointed out that we wanted to enable and empower her to know what to eat herself without having to rely on us, a book, or a strict diet. Sophie came to see that being over-weight was not really a nutrition issue but one of mentality and deep seated sub-conscious issues. We suggested that she go and see a hypnotherapist to resolve these issues before coming to see us.

Janet is a high-flyer who works in government at an international level and lives in New York with two young daughters. Although she thought she knew how to eat, for various reasons - busy schedules, no time and no exercise - she had managed to pile on the weight.

Janet decided to sign up for The Nutrition Coach Dump the Diet weight loss programme as she had been recommended to do it by a friend. Janet found that actually, even though she really thought she knew a fair amount about food, she had been eating all the "wrong" stuff. Once she knew the boundaries of what she was meant to be eating, losing weight and maintaining it was actually plain sailing. The course supported her through the dips of going on holiday and so-called "blowing" the whole thing to keeping on track. Now six months later Janet knows what she is meant to eat, cracks on and does it and never worries about her weight! Improved energy and sleep were side effects she welcomed!

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