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Kate is the director and founder of The Nutrition Coach, author and public speaker. Since training at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition over a decade ago and having provided face to face consultations for over 4,500 patients, Kate has become synonymous with making real and lasting changes to individuals across the UK from every walk of life by transforming their health, energy and mindset.

Kate has built her reputation on identifying what is holding people back and formulating a plan for change. Her philosophy is not built around tight discipline and rigid rules but instead focuses on keeping things simple, practical, easy and effective. It is a process that inexorably moves from what you eat to who you are; from food to fruition. After all, reinvention and transformation are inside all of us if the goals are achievable and the motives are strong.

Get Healthy for Good: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Mind and Body Well-being - Kate Cook

ISBN 1905940149

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Get Healthy for Good

"Here's a different approach that I've used myself and with friends and clients. It does involve exercise and diet but above all else - common sense! The net result will be a happier, healthier you." Kate Cook

Be incredibly healthy: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Look and Feel Fantastic - Kate Cook and Sally Brown

ISBN 1905940238

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Be Incredibly Healthy

Tips for a healthy life! 

Kate Cook

Drop a Dress Size: 52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Lose Weight and Stay Slim - Eve Cameron and Kate Cook

ISBN 1904902065

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Drop a dress size

Practical tips in a small digestible format to guide you to your true shape!

An Unfit Mother: How to Get Your Health, Shape and Sanity Back After Childbirth - Kate Cook and Lucy Wyndham-Read

ISBN 0007259743

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An Unfit Mother

Not a diet book (heaven forbid!) but a practical way to reclaim your life and body after pregnancy.

Shape Up Your Life - Penny Ferguson and Kate Cook

ISBN 1905940211

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Shape Up Your Life

A fun compact read to getting the life you want.

The Nutrition Coach
Other recommended books

Optimum Nutrition For The Mind - Patrick Holford

ISBN 0-7499-2213-3

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Optimum Nutrition For The Mind

This book goes one step further in showing how important optimum nutrition is, not just for the body, but for the mind too. Whether it be depression, poor memory, autism, mood swings or preventing age-related illnesses, this book provides research-based information in an extremely user-friendly manner. It addresses the ever-increasing issue of mental health with tact and practicality.

Cooking Without
- Barbara Cousins

ISBN 0-7225-4022-1

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Cooking Without

A common sense, well-written approach to elimination diets with information about increasing energy levels and blood sugar control that would be of interest to anyone looking to improve their eating habits. For those who are avoiding, wheat, dairy, yeast and gluten to name a few, this book has some good nutritional information, offers plenty of alternatives and the recipes are written in an easy to follow way.

The Healthy Kitchen - Andrew Weil & Rosie Daley

ISBN 0-09188-4225

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The Healthy Kitchen

A very informative and far from boring book full of recipes to suit all tastes. This book offers health tips all the way through alongside some really great photography. A nice touch is the nutritional breakdown for each recipe. It is very well written in a friendly and educational way that offers do-able ideas rather than being written in the style of a lecture. There are plenty of recipes for everyone and every occasion.


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