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Kate Cook

BA Hons, Dip ION (MBANT)

Kate is the founder of The Nutrition Coach and is a Nutritionist who believes that nutrition has to be really 'do-able' in everyday life.

Kate doesn't believe in something that doesn't work or isn't practical and is dedicated to making nutrition approachable and fun. Kate came into nutrition after her nutrition hobby got out of hand and she found herself booked on a course at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition for three years - the experience changed her life, health and outlook forever. Kate has published a number of books, and has appeared extensively in the media.

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Cheryl Wilson



Cheryl Wilson is Head Clinician at The Nutrition Coach. Since graduating from her honours degree in Nutritional Therapy at the University of Westminster she has treated almost 2000 patients in private practice.

Cheryl is passionate about transforming her patient’s relationship to food and their health, by helping them to see that achieving positive results does not need to be complicated.


Good nutrition is not necessarily about living on sprouted beans and goji berries and Cheryl teaches her patients how small changes, regularly, can be all it takes to experience glowing health. Her mission is to the get the nation out of dieting mentality, put their calculators and food scales away, and stop punishing themselves with restrictive, low calorie, low fat diets – she advocates an easier, more nourishing path.

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The Nutrition Coach

Laila Lewis

BSc (Hons), DipCNM, mBANT

After a lifelong interest in natural health and the belief that nutrition is the foundation of well-being, Laila finally bought balance to her own life by leaving a stressful advertising career to undertake 3 years naturopathic nutrition study at The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).
In addition to running her practice, Laila supervises final year student clinics at CNM and is a nutritional advisor in a busy health food store. This keeps her up to date with what natural health products are available so she can pass this knowledge on to her clients.


There are many conditions recognised as requiring unique nutritional recommendations and Laila's training included the management of the nutritional needs of individuals with, among other issues, stress, emotional and psychological imbalance, low energy, digestive disorders, hormonal issues, poor skin condition, immunity problems and weight management needs. Having overcome fertility problems herself, Laila's special interest lies in pre/post-conception care, fertility, weaning and baby and toddler health.

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Julia Alderman


Julia is a firm believer that we are what we eat and that nourishing ourselves with nature’s food is the key to enhancing our health, vitality and state of mind. This in turn generates positive aspects in other areas of our lives. She is also a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher and incorporates the philosophy of yoga and mindfulness into her nutrition approach.

Nutrition has always been a huge part of Julia’s life. She is constantly excited by new products and recipes and feels that everyone should know about them. She has used nutrition to overcome her own health problems and is passionate about giving others the knowledge and support that they need to regain their health too.

Julia specialises in detox programmes and she has seen the tremendous benefits of detoxing on numerous conditions including: fatigue, digestive problems, hormone imbalances and for kick-starting new mindful eating habits. As well as holding private nutrition clinics across London, she has also worked as the residential nutritionist for a five-star hotel in Cyprus where she hosted a variety of six and ten day detox programmes for guests from all over the world. She has experience of developing detox and spa menus, leading cooking classes and giving nutrition workshops.

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