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PCOS case study

Janet had been diagnosed with PCOS for five years before she came to us. She explained that her periods had never been regular and at one point had stopped altogether for two years until she went on the Pill. She had suffered from acne since her teenage years, and now at the age of thirty it was affecting her confidence more than ever. She had also recently experienced rapid weight gain ‘even by just looking at food’ and was desperate to get her weight under control. We discussed the impact of blood sugar imbalances on PCOS and the importance of diet and eating the right foods at the right time. Janet followed a meal plan and started experimenting with new foods, as well as being supported with a supplement programme. At a follow-up consultation we worked on improving Janet’s liver function and increasing phytoestrogens in her diet, as well as looking at lifestyle changes. Within four months she had lost 10kg, her skin had visibly improved and she was ‘feeling fantastic’.

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