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Pregnancy case studies

Marie-Anne came to see us when she was four months pregnant - she had suffered from terrible morning sickness in the first stages of her pregnancy. She thought that it would gradually get better but at four months she was still feeling and being very sick. Marie-Anne was concerned about the effect this was having on both her health and the health of her baby, and she was finding it difficult to get through the day at work. Marie-Anne, like many women during pregnancy, was also suffering from constipation and tiredness.

We worked on Marie-Anne’s bowel movements first by upping her fluid intake through water and herbal teas, and recommending foods such as soaked flaxseeds. We eliminate toxins via our stool so Marie-Anne’s constipation could have been making her morning sickness and lack of energy worse.

Maintaining blood sugar levels can be very helpful in reducing morning sickness. Marie-Anne was struggling to eat proper meals so we encouraged small snacks consisting of protein and complex carbohydrates every couple of hours. Marie-Anne liked this approach as it meant she didn’t have to face huge plates of food. She found that the sickness greatly improved and she felt a lot less tired. Once Marie-Anne had got her blood sugar under control and her bowel movements were regular, she felt more like eating proper meals. The remainder of Marie-Anne’s pregnancy was very healthy and she now has a bouncing baby boy.

Susannah came to see us in the second half of pregnancy after her GP advised her that she needed to lose some weight as she was at risk of developing gestational diabetes. Her diet was high in ‘white foods’ such as white bread, cakes and pasta and low in protein and vegetables. This was likely to be causing weight gain and blood sugar problems. Susannah was a little reluctant at first to make many changes but as we explained the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy, she soon realised it was a necessity.

We coached Susannah on which foods she should be eating, and when she should be eating, to keep her blood sugar balanced. We also encouraged some gentle exercise as this can improve glucose metabolism and also to help with weight loss. To support Susannah, we put together a simple programme of supplements which are safe to take during pregnancy.

Susannah’s weight soon stabilised. She reached a weight which was natural for her stage in pregnancy and she thankfully did not develop gestational diabetes. Susannah went on to give birth to a very healthy girl. She continued to eat well following the birth, which meant she soon lost her baby bump.

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