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Pregnancy and nutrition

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now is the time to nurture your body, get plenty of rest and ensure your pregnancy diet provides a good intake of essential nutrients. This can be a difficult time to eat healthily as your body is going through so many changes - you may be suffering from tiredness, and you may go off some foods. Don’t panic about this - as long as your pregnancy nutrition is balanced overall, the odd treat is not going to do any harm, and a little of what you fancy can do you good.

During pregnancy, many women suffer from tiredness, morning sickness, and constipation. We find that following a nutritious pregnancy diet along with the use of supplements can often help alleviate these symptoms, and can keep you feeling great throughout your pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Pregnancy and nutrition

Pregnancy and diet

During pregnancy your need for nutrients such as zinc, the B vitamins and essential fats increases. Our pregnancy diet can help ensure your diet contains all the nutrients you need. We will give you plenty of advice on what to eat while pregnant, taking into account any strange cravings or strong dislikes of various foods you may be experiencing! Our nutritional therapists will also advise you on the foods and drinks you shouldn’t consume during pregnancy.

As well as providing you with a personalised pregnancy diet, we will also examine your need for any supplements and help ensure you have enough of critical nutrients such as folic acid and essential fats.

At The Nutrition Coach, we can help make sure that your diet and supplement programme provides the best pregnancy nutrition possible, meeting both your needs and those of your growing baby. We can also work with you to help prevent pregnancy tiredness, morning sickness and constipation. Once you have given birth, we offer advice on postnatal diets to help you remain optimally nourished and more able to cope with the demands of motherhood.

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