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Rosie was twenty seven when she came to see us. She had suffered with chronic acne on and off for fifteen years and had tried almost every possible treatment from her doctor as well as a number of other therapies. Although she had seen some improvement with some of the treatments nothing was long-term and her acne always came back more severe. Rosie would never leave the house without her foundation on and she had reached the point of desperation. We put Rosie on a skin clearing diet, which included avoiding all sugar, stimulants and trans fats as well as completely eliminating all forms of diary from her diet. We also worked on cleansing her gut and improving her liver function. She introduced more soluble fibre, lots of greens and vegetable juices to help cleanse her system. Rosie also agreed to keep more time for herself and started going to tai chi again to help reduce her stress levels. Her skin slowly began to clear and now, six months later, is so healthy and clear that she frequently gets compliments on her glowing skin, which she says ‘still feels like a dream’.

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