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Training and maintaining your fitness will be your number one priority if you are serious about sport. But are you also looking after your diet? Regardless of what sport you do, nutrition must also be top on your priority list. Good sports nutrition is absolutely crucial for improving performance in training and events, improving recovery time and for helping to avoid illness and injury.

If you don’t provide your body with the right type of fuel and right amount of fuel, your sports performance, energy and immunity can really suffer. We often have clients coming to see us who are very physically fit from vigorous work-outs and competing but due to a poor diet they lack energy and are prone to colds, infections and injuries. If this sounds like you, or if your diet is good but you want to learn how to be as optimally nourished as possible, get in touch with The Nutrition Coach to see how we could help you.


Sport and diet

If you train and work out on a regular basis or compete in events, then your need for nutrients will be greater than the average person. You will require more calories, macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in order to stay healthy whilst exercising.

At The Nutrition Coach, we can examine your exercise schedule and diet and show you where you may be falling short of the nutrients you need. We can teach you how what you eat, as well as when you eat, can have a real impact on your sports performance, recovery times and reducing risk of illness and injury. We can also advise you on the best nutritional supplements to use whilst training and competing to help enhance your performance.

By working with The Nutrition Coach to improve your sports nutrition, you could experience:

  • Better sports performance
  • Speedier recovery after training and competing
  • Greater immunity
  • More energy and vitality

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