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Stress management case studies

John booked onto our De-stress your Body and your Life course  and loved it. The course made a huge difference to his life – not having to keep himself and his life propped up with coffee and cigarettes! Once he had this part of his life sorted, John wanted to get to the source of why he was so stressed in the first place. It turned out his boss was a real bully – not just to him but to everyone in the office. Once John had identified his source of stress, he decided to take action and transfer to a new division – making sure of first, of course, that his new boss was a “pussycat”! Through action and determination and our guidance and support, John managed to make this move a total success.

Patrick worked like the devil! He was often so driven that he was in the office until 10 at night. A period of seriously poor health, left him reassessing his life and options. He established, with our help, that he no longer wanted to work in a big town, struggling to work on over crowded trains filled with grey-faced executives! We elicited a new dream from him – one to live in the countryside and to work freelance so he could spend more quality time with his young daughter and wife. Sure, he doesn’t earn so much money – but he is so much happier!

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