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The Nutrition Coach nutrition and lifestyle consultancy was founded in 2000 by Kate Cook. Kate has personally seen over 5,500 clients in nine years. In that time Kate has also appeared extensively in the media and has written a number of popular books. She has presented to a number of prestigious organisations in the corporate arena.

The Nutrition Coach now has a team of fully qualified Nutritional Therapists (Nutritionists, London) ready to help you achieve and maintain your health goals.

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Nutrition and your life

The Nutrition Coach concept is unique - we combine nutritional therapy with life coaching principles. This means we are enabling you to incorporate change within your existing lifestyle, rather than trying to force you to make changes that you will never keep up. It is born out the practical knowledge that although we may have a sincere wish to change our eating habits or lifestyle the reality is often hard to achieve without on-going support. With the support and help of a nutritionist (Nutritional Therapist) we help you to identify your goals and gently lead you by the hand until you get there.

The Nutrition Coach recognises that we are all individuals with different bodies, lifestyles and demands, which can make change easy for some and more difficult for others. We combine clinical nutrition with a way to implement these changes according to your unique biochemistry.

Our aim is to give you the tools to transform your life and your health forever.


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