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Time management case studies

Rosa is in a management consultancy company and despite knowing what she should be doing, time management-wise, Rosa wasn’t doing it! She found herself getting seriously side tracked by emails – she checked them every few minutes and was then diverted to solving other people’s problems all day rather than getting on with her work! In addition, as she was so busy, she didn’t have any boundaries in place about how late she should work. She often found herself working all hours and most weekends. She was throwing money at solving her shortage of time to achieve any semblance of an ordered life. For example, she sent all her clothes to a laundry and would often buy herself little treats to cheer herself up. She would also book in for a massage on her way back from the office. All these compensatory treats were costing her a fortune and getting her into an income short fall every month. In the coaching process we got her to plan her week and her days, and implemented some discipline around emailing, which helped with the boundaries. We also got her to be more focused with her to-do list and asked her to do a budget to see where her spending was leaching from.

A year later, she is still planning her week and her time. She is living within her means and has even taken up a new hobby of jewellery crafting at her local adult education centre, which she is loving!

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