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Jackie initially came to see us for weight loss. She led a busy life with a full-time career and two teenage children, and found that over the years her weight had slowly started creeping up. She signed up for our Dump the Diet weight loss course and over the two month period we had a great time working on her food choices, getting her to eat breakfast, putting in place strategies that helped avoid snacking during stressful times, and looked at healthier options for eating out.

By the end of the course, many of Jackie’s initial symptoms had improved – her digestion was better, her weight had started to reduce, and she was generally feeling happier about her body. However, she was still really struggling to give up her morning coffee, and felt she needed to top up her caffeine intake by the afternoon. We knew that she was now eating foods that helped release their energy steadily, rather than giving her short energy highs followed by crashes, so it was time to look a little deeper into Jackie’s continued lack of energy.

We decided to run an Adrenal Stress Index test, which measures levels of salivary cortisol, one of the main hormones associated with long-term stress. Hardly surprisingly, the results came back showing that Jackie was suffering from severe adrenal exhaustion. At the initial stages of stress, her adrenal glands would have been producing higher than normal amounts of cortisol, but over the years the adrenal glands had become more and more depleted, and the test results showed very low levels of cortisol production. As cortisol is also essential for energy regulation and mobilisation, it was no wonder that Jackie felt the need to boost her energy levels with coffee!

We got to work with a number of targeted supplements that help increase cortisol levels and nourish the worn out adrenal glands. Little by little, Jackie’s energy levels started returning, and she found that she could get up in the morning without the aid of the coffee. To her delight, she also started losing weight more easily – one of the pleasant side effects of improving adrenal function.

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