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Tiredness and nutrition

Many people think that feeling constantly tired or having persistent low energy levels is part of modern life. “I’m feeling tired all the time” is something we often hear from our clients. Many say they have to drag themselves out of the bed every morning, feel sleepy in the afternoons, don’t have much energy for activities outside work, and often spend their weekends catching up on sleep and rest!

Fatigue is certainly common and our lifestyles can contribute to tiredness, but in many cases there are also other underlying reasons that can drain your energy and these can and should be addressed.

As with any other health issues, when investigating persistent tiredness or fatigue, nutritional therapy aims to uncover the underlying factors affecting your health. There are a number of areas that may warrant closer inspection. When tiredness is coupled with unexplained weight gain, it is always worth considering whether sub-clinical hypothyroid (under-active thyroid) could be an issue.


Adrenal fatigue (adrenal exhaustion), often brought on by long-terms stress, can also lead to bloating, weight gain and tiredness. Simple biochemical tests can help determine whether your adrenals and thyroid require support in order to boost your energy levels.

Energy production in the body also requires good levels of many vitamins and minerals, and nutrition deficiencies can therefore lead to tiredness or fatigue. If you have been suffering from digestive problems such as frequent bloating, constipation or feelings of excess fullness after meals, you may have problems digesting and absorbing your foods. Poor digestion and absorption can then lead to low levels of our energy giving nutrients in the body and subsequent tiredness.

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