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Wedding Detox Diet case studies

Felicity contacted The Nutrition Coach six weeks before her big day. She and her husband Martin had decided to get married five months after the engagement, and they had been run off their feet with wedding preparations. Felicity had been determined to make the wedding personal and had therefore been making everything from the name plates to bridesmaid dresses herself. By the time she came to us she said her body was exhausted and she desperately wanted to spend the remaining time before her wedding to focus on herself. She had always envisaged getting married at her ideal weight and to be looking a vision of health. Her goal was therefore to lose half a stone and to get her skin glowing in time for the wedding and honeymoon on the beaches of the Maldives.

Felicity followed our fast wedding detox diet enthusiastically. Although her pre-detox diet wasn’t too bad, she depended too much on high sugar foods and stimulants to give her an energy kick. As well as making her feel exhausted in the long-run, these foods were also preventing her from losing weight. She cut out her morning pain au chocolate and coffee and replaced it with an energy boosting smoothie. She also swapped her coffees for green tea and instead of snacking on digestive biscuits, started having mixed berries and seeds. She followed a cleansing diet and supplement programme to support the liver and gut. In addition, Felicity went back to her regular yoga class and cycled whenever she was doing short journeys. By the end of the five weeks Felicity had lost half a stone and reached her ideal weight, her skin was glowing and she said she was ‘literally jumping with joy’. She said feeling happy with her body made her feel gorgeous on her wedding day and she loved every minute of it.

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