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Dump the Diet case studies

With a busy job in management consultancy, Simon didn’t have much time to think about food. He often skipped meals, snacked a lot during the day and then consumed most of his day’s calories in the evening. He had always been a slim build but during his thirties his weight started to slowly increase. By the time he had hit his early forties, he was really noticing the weight gain, and family and friends were too!

Simon decided it was time to take action and signed up for our Dump the Diet course. His main concern was not having enough time to prepare packed lunches for the office. But once we had coached Simon on the basic principles of the course, he realised that he could still buy his lunch as long as it met the course principles. With some guidance from us he was soon making very healthy choices. We encouraged him to keep some good snacks at work and to make a little extra time in the morning for a proper breakfast.

Simon is a very goal orientated person so we set realistic weight loss goals for him and measured his progress throughout. The fact that most of the sessions could be carried out by phone really suited Simon as he could fit the course in with his busy working schedule.

Simon was a model student - he soon implemented all the changes and really enjoyed healthy eating. The weight began to drop off and Simon felt like his familiar slim self again. As an added bonus, he also saw a noticeable difference in his energy levels and his sleep improved too.

Pete is a chef who loves his food - a little too much. Working in a busy restaurant means that Pete is always tasting food, and trying out new recipes. The result was weight gain which had been creeping up over the years. It had begun to affect his job as he often felt that his energy was not what it used to be, and he easily got out of breath while running around the kitchen.

Pete obviously needed no encouraging to cook and to try new foods but he did need some coaching on the type of food he was eating and how much. Pete’s main love was desserts so everyday he was snacking on cakes, puddings and pastries - his sweet tooth had got out of hand and knew it.

When Pete began the Dump the Diet course, we coached him through the course’s principles. Pete was still allowed the odd treat as long as he stuck to the guidelines most of the time. We taught Pete about healthy snacking and soon he was taking healthy ‘snack packs’ to work instead of relying on the pastry chef to feed his sweet tooth. Pete also learnt that his eight espressos a day were not doing his waistline any good and he admirably reduced them down to just one a day. On completion of the course Pete felt like a new man and continues to eat healthily to this day. We are pleased to report that Pete is now a slim chef!

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