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Kate Cook is the director and founder of The Nutrition Coach and started training at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 1997. Since graduating Kate has seen over 5,500 patients face-to-face. Kate’s passion is making nutritional changes very easy and accessible – absolutely no fads! Changes should be on going and permanent to ensure lasting changes and to transform both health and energy. Kate’s personal style is said to be inspirational with a huge helping of understanding, compassion and humour!

In her clinical life Kate has seen a wide range of patients but specialises in gut problems, fertility and hormone problems weight loss and stress and exhaustion (adrenal fatigue)

Kate has presented workshops and courses at some of the UK’s biggest and well known companies and is an engaging and experienced speaker.

Kate believes that sometimes life gets in the way of good health – complicated schedules, heavy demands and punishing work commitments can hinder our best nutritional intentions. She therefore developed a coaching arm to The Nutrition Coach’s activities. Kate helps clients identify what is holding them back in their life and intentions and gently works with her clients to formulate a plan for change. Kate loves helping people through career change and reinvention.

Kate and The Nutrition Coach have appeared extensively in the media most recently on UKTV’s "The Truth About Beauty" (with Martine McCutcheon). Kate has published a number of books - “Get Healthy For Good” (Whole Health) was published in 2004, "Drop a Dress Size" in 2005 and "An Unfit Mother" (Harper Collins) was published in April 2008.

Kate Cook

Kate’s philosophy

Kate believes in keeping things simple, practical, easy and effective. Instead of nutrition being a rigidly tight discipline with restriction and perfection, it should be about great food, cooked well, and about both celebration and balance!

Kate is also passionate that good nutrition leads to a great life – once your energy and health are sorted – reinvent yourself and live an exciting and fulfilled life to the full!

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