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Kate Cook has provided food consultancy for many large organisations in the corporate sector and top brands in the restaurant industry. Kate can carry out nutritional analysis of menus, assist in the creation and development of new healthy menus, develop nutrition guides and nutrition facts for staff and customers, provide advice on nutrition information for food labels, and provide staff training.

Restaurant sector
As the trend towards healthy eating increases, the provision of tasty nutritious food alongside nutrition information can give a much needed edge in the competitive restaurant industry.

The public is increasingly concerned about the nutritional value of the food they buy, and according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), 85% of people believe that restaurants, pubs and cafés have a responsibility to state what is in the food they serve.

The FSA is currently putting pressure on food chains and take-away outlets to display better food labelling and nutrition information alongside the food they sell, so that consumers can make healthier choices.

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Corporate sector
The provision of good nutritious food along with education on the benefits of healthy eating should form part of long-term company strategy to improve employee wellbeing and morale, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Sick leave currently costs the UK an estimated £100 billion per year. At a time when all organisations are looking to maximise the efficiency and productivity of their employees, healthy eating policies can provide real return on investment.

Kate Cook can help you ensure that you are providing your employees with appealing nutritious food to optimise their health, wellbeing and performance.

Kate is proud to have worked with some of Britain's top brands as well as smaller SME's. To find out more about Kate's food consultancy services please visit her website at

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